Smokkelman Wines


Legend has it he was conceived on a hillside vineyard at dawn on the first day of bud break.

Touched by the Goddess Demeter. Born on the damp floor of a cool cellar under a full moon on a sweltering autumn equinox at perfect phenolic ripeness.

Raised on nothing but bread, wine and hopeful aspirations. A vinous revolutionaire employing his mythical knowledge of the finest terroir to smokkel the most sought after parcels from the Cape of Good Hope.

The answer to prohibition and the age-old adage “n Boer maak n plan”

Smokkelman Red

Look for aromas of blackcurrant with a slight herbal fynbos edge, spicy white pepper and a bit of rose perfume. A savoury undertone of leather with woody overtones of coffee, mocha and cigar smoke. The pallet is smooth and rich with velvety tannin leading to a pleasant finish of black fruit, smoke and toast.

Smokkelman White

Upfront aromas of ripe tropical fruit including spanspek and pineapple, with a little white pear and fig. A touch of yeast and that unmistakable aroma of those little pink strawberry milkshake flavoured sweets you used to get at the keffie. The palate is soft and smooth with a slightly buttery texture and a pleasant finish of lemon rind. Best served ice cold!

Produced by Jozua Joubert of Solitary Wines at Karibib Wine Craft.

Available for tasting and purchase from the Karibib Wine Craft tasting room.